Sprite 16

Sprite 16 is a concept, and kind of a tribute to old school games. Games like Zelda. Games where was important was adventure, exploration and great storytelling. So, according to wikipedia, the original Nintendo had 56 usable colours, so the Sprite 16 concept will have 56 part, one per colour (yeah, it’s going to take me a while to finish). Parts that I’ve done to date are around one and a half to two and a half minutes, so it’s going to be a fairly big chunk of music by the time it’s done.

The colours are represented as 64×64 pixel blocks on their respective posts. Another cool thing about the number 56 is that it’s nicely divisible by 8, which means I can compose on all keys (well, all the non-sharp/flat keys). All of these little tunes will be written on an iPad 2 (and more recently an iPad Air) using the Korg iMS-20 app. Hats off to Korg for making such an awesome app, every new song I write I seem to find something new and intriguing.

I’ve started out naming these tunes after stuff you’d typically find in those old school games, but I’ve got a bit of a story forming in my head which will be included before long. Lastly, I suppose, the name Sprite 16 is another game reference, where characters (sprites) used to be 16×16 or 8×16 pixels.

The set so far:

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